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November 30, 2011

Hi all,

In preparation for Super Show 4 Singapore, we have set up a new twitter and facebook page ^^ We have lots of ideas and hope to make it a great success so please continue to support us!



SS3 Singapore Pictures and Videos ^^

February 6, 2011

Hey all, we hope that all who attended SS3 Singapore had a great time during the concert and lots of fun! ^^ It’s taken us awhile but we have finally finished compling all the pictures and videos that we took over both concert days so here they are! Enjoy! 😀


Day 1

For more of our day 1 pics please refer to our Day 1 album here

Day 2

Group Banner ^^

Birthday and variYEty banners

More of our day 2 pics can be found here and here ^^


All videos can be found under our youtube channel 🙂

*Please do not edit our pictures/videos and remember to credit us if you’re sharing them. Please do not hotlink. Thanks!

SS3@SG’s Goodie-bag and Food Support for SS3 Singapore

February 6, 2011

Hey everyone! Hope you all are well 🙂 As we’ve mentioned in our previous post on our wordpress, SS3@SG along with PBSG was involved in the sponsership of Goodie-bags and Food Support for Super Junior and their crew when they came for SS3 Singapore!

Below is an update of what SS3@SG provided along with pictures of our items ^^

Goodie bags (For SJ)

  • 15 sets of cookies and 15 packets of Stickys. (Each set of cookies + Stickys was packed into individual boxes before they were put into a goodie bag)

Personalised Cookies for SJ ^^


Goodie bags!

Personalised cookies were designed to suit each individual active member. Can you guess which cookie belonged to which SJ member? ^^ If you can, well done! But if not, here’s the list to help you out 🙂

Leeteuk – Angel
Heechul – Steamed bun face
Yesung – Turtle
Shindong – Mushroom
Sungmin – Guitar
Eunhyuk – Microphone
Siwon – Jacket/Blazer + tie
Zhoumi – Honey Pot
Donghae – Fish
Ryeowook – Music note
Kibum – TV
Kyuhyun – Computer Mouse
Henry – Maple Leaf

To see each individualised design, please refer to our photo album here!

Food Support (For SJ + Crew)

  • 5 large tins of pineapple tarts and 5 large bottles of love letters (1 bottle of each for SJ and remaining 4 bottles of each for the crew)
  • One 2.5kg cake
  • 100 items of Mars/Snickers bars
  • 100 items of (small) Toblerone
  • 100 items of candy

Love letters and pineapple tarts for the crew

Love letters and pineapple tarts for SJ

The cake! 😀

Chocolates ^^

That’s about it really but can we just say that we took one look at the cookies and fell in love with them ^^ They were adorable! 😀

Goodie-bags + Food support for SJ and the crew

January 17, 2011

We will be sponsoring goodie-bags and providing food support along with PearlBlueSG!

The list of sponsered items are as follows:)

1) Goodie-bags:

• 15 sets of cookies and Stickys (SS3@SG)
• 15 + 80 goodie bags (PBSG)

– SJ (15): Map, postcard, wristband, travel kit, wangwang, chuppa lollipop, energy bar, ferrero, euyanseng herbal sweet
– Crew (80): Map, postcard, wristband, chuppa lollipop, energy bar, ferrero, wangwang

• 5 large tins of pineapple tarts and 5 large bottles of love letters (1 bottle of each for SJ, remaining 4 bottles of each for the crew ) (SS3@SG)


2) Food Support:

• 100 Mars/Snickers bars (SS3@SG)
• 100 (small) Toblerone  (SS3@SG)
• 100 items of candy (SS3@SG)
• Cake (SS3@SG) (*Maybe PBSG if need be)

For the total cost breakdown usage of funds click here

[PROMO] Pink Guitars – Sungmin fan support

January 5, 2011

Pink Guitars is a fan support group set up by fans of Sungmin for SS3SG~
*Please note that this is not an affiliate of SS3@SG

There are 2 parts to their project:

The Support Part – PINK GUITARS

The pink guitars are handmade, handheld signs in the shape of the guitar. These signs are to be held during Sungmin’s solo and his accompaniment to Ryeowook, where he is playing the guitar.

There will be a tutorial posted up, in 1 or 2 weeks time, demonstrating how to go about making this sign.
They will be producing some of the signs to distribute during the concert, however, they will only be producing a limited amount due to their busy schedules and money constraints. They encourage people to make their own signs once the tutorial is posted ^^

The Gift Part – The Scrapbook

They have decided to do something a little handmade for the gift. This scrapbook will contain things Sungmin has done during his idol life ^^. Examples such as his acting experiences, super shows, albums, things like that.

This requires funding to pay for some of the materials. Everything inside the scrapbook will be designed from scratch as much as possible to keep it as an original thoughtful gift, while referring to reference pictures.There are also decoration expenses, which they will keep to a minimum ^^

The scrapbook shall contain handdrawn drawings drawn by selected artists who wish to participate in this project. It’s more or less a short diary of himself from our point of view? ^^

They are putting alot of consideration into the things that will be shown and how the final scrapbook will look like.

The scrapbook shall also contain a short message from the artists as well as those who donated.
It is aimed to be complete at least 5 days before SS3SG. (that means 23rd Jan).


If you would like to help please go to their site for more information! ^^

[Promo] SS3SG T-Shirt

December 24, 2010

Want a SS3 T-Shirt? 😀

*This is a Promo and is not part of SS3@SG’s merchandise~!

Feedback form!

December 13, 2010

Hello all! ^^~

We just recently passed our 3-month anniversary on November 30th! 😀

It’s been a blast working on this, and throughout these 3 months we’ve learnt a lot: from you guys, from people around us, from each other. We’ve tried our very best to bring ourselves up to meet your expectations (which we hope we met! ^^).

In view of our 3nd anniversary, we won’t have any celebrations, but we would like to know how we can improve to become even better for you guys!


Here’s the Feedback form.

It’s not much, just a few questions in which you can tell us what you think of us, and how we can improve in the future!

Having your honest feedback would really help us a lot in how we do and manage SS3@SG ^^
So if you could spare some time, please give us your feedback? ^-^

Lots of love from us!


Fanchant Practice Session

November 29, 2010

Ddetails of the Fanchant Practice Session! 😀


We will be joining up with Truly ELFs for this! ^-^

Date: 15th January 2011

Time : 2.30-pm & 4-pm

Venue : Linkway to Esplanade (via Cityhall Mrt | Citylink Mall)

Admission : FREE

The admins will be there at 2, so seeyou there! ^^

This fanchant practice session is open to everyone going for SS3 Singapore, not necessarily our followers. The main aim of this is to make sure all E.L.F. going for the concert is able to chant the fanchants surely, clearly, loudly and proudly. (:





Truly ELFs have other sessions as well, click <a href=”http://trulyelfs.wordpress.com/ss3-singapore/&#8221; target=”_blank”>here!</a> for more details!

“How to know if my ticket is fake?” SISTIC’s reply

November 26, 2010

“How do I know if the ticket I bought from someone else is real or fake?”

We emailed SISTIC, and this is their reply!

SISTIC’s reply:
All tickets sold through our sales channels (Authorized Agents, Hotline and Internet) are deemed authentic and genuine. We strongly advise you not to purchase tickets from a third party vendor. If you are in doubt, kindly quote us the transaction number printed on the ticket (2010xxxx-xxxxx) – top right hand corner. This will enable us to check who the ticket belongs to.
Should you have any other enquiries, feel free to email us again or contact us at Tel: 6348 5555.

Basically, this means that when you collect tickets from someone else and you want to double+triple check that the tickets are genuine, call SISTIC and tell them the transaction number on the ticket. Then they will tell you who it belongs to and you can see if it matches whoever you’re buying it from~ ^^


November 21, 2010

The paragraphs in front were the ones we posted and translated yesterday here.

9th paragraph onwards:


SJ is holding a large-scale concert in Singapore for the first time, (thus) attracting fans to snatch the tickets; 15 minutes before the start of sale of tickets 1000 tickets had already been sold.
But due to the large number of fans trying to buy tickets at the same time, this caused the website to crash; the 5 ticketing counters at The Heeren also had cases of system crashing and hence dragging the time taken for fans to buy the tickets.

SISTIC’s director Chen Jun Hao said during yesterday morning’s interview, after officially starting ticket sales at 10am, (they) immediately realized the site’s traffic was too high, and they were starting to have signs of system crashing, thus they immediately intervened to regulate the traffic, before the situation became better. He said the average time taken for each fan to buy tickets at the Heeren was 2minutes.

He also revealed that besides Jay Chou’s concert, as far as he remember, they never had to regulate the traffic of the website, (from this) we can see how popular SJ’s concert is.


SJ’s fan Valerie Tan queued overnight at Parkway Parade, and although she was the first to buy the tickets, she still spent a full 30 minutes before being able to buy 6 tickets.

She said, “When I bought the tickets at 110am, the counter staff said the system was down; after that he kept refreshing the page, and said the tickets were all sold out, (it) gave me a shock! Only until around half an hour later did I manage to finally get 6 tickets, but I still need 5 more.”

In her hands she was holding the tickets, but she had mixed emotions. “I thought I could get good seats that were before row 10, but the tickets that I have now are around row 30, and are in 4seats and 2seats separately, (I’m) a little disappointed. But, compared to fans who couldn’t get their tickets, I’m really considered lucky.”

She described the emotions of the fans queuing behind her: “Everyone looked very depressed.”

Original article here
Translated by Angie for SS3@SG
Please don’t remove the credits~